Realtor, Interior Designer, Nature Lover

Your Decisions + My Process = Great Results

Listening carefully to you first is my top priority,

then we can craft a clear plan together... one that keeps you informed and empowered to make the best choices.

Allow me to introduce you to a process that offers you world-class service and peace of mind.  This process will address common seller & buyer fears with empathy and compassion.

Commitment to Service

For my buyers: I understand where you are coming from and am in your corner- ready to help you find not just a home, but the home.

Common Buyer Fears My Process Guides You Around….
* Losing the home
* Missing something
* Learning about issues after closing
* Spending more than you should

Commitment to You

For my sellers: 15 years of sales and marketing experience, and 7 years in interior & garden design make me uniquely qualified to market your property effectively.

I will represent you through your transaction with total commitment to integrity, honesty and professionalism; so that you have the best experience possible.

Common Seller Fears My Process Guides You Around….
* Selling your home too cheaply
* Paying your Realtor too much
* Property not selling

Our Partnership- My Team

By working together we will achieve the best results. To help us, I'll bring an experienced team of exceptional brokers, all willing and ready to put the power of Windermere to work for your successful transaction.

Turning Anxiety to Adventure...

From the black sandy shores of Hawaii, purple deserts of Arizona, lush alpine heavens of Mt. Hood & Bavaria, Northern Italian lake towns & the metropolitan bustle of the S.F. Bay Area; these are all amazing locales I have lived and enjoyed life.

Through all of my adventures & travels, SW Washington, it's people and beauty, has kept calling me back.  I understand the unique wonder and power that makes this pocket of the world so extraordinary, and such a desirable place to create a home.

Feel free to reach out to get the process towards your next adventure started.  I would love to hear from you!

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